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 Membership Information

The Shoreline Women's Golf  Club plays every Tuesday morning. Various tournaments are held throughout the year.

How do I join?
Load down the Membership Application Form
Complete and return it and advise the membership Chair when you wish to play a qualifying round, and she will arrange a tee time.  You will be playing with a board member.
You can contact ingrit@ingrit.com for more questions.
A qualifying score is a score of 112 or better, which is equivalent of a 40.4 handicap at our course. You are allowed three attempts to qualify. If you are not able to qualify, you may try again after a waiting period of six months. 

More about Standing Rules for Regular and for Associate Members...

Types of Membership....

There are two types of membership in the Shoreline Women's Golf Club:
Regular Membership and Associate Membership

Regular Membership:

Regular members must meet the qualifying score requirement, play a minimum of 10 regular play days per year; serve as a starter and a scorer; and attend two general meetings (held quarterly).

Regular Membership offers these benefits:

   May obtain a USGA handicap
   Automatically a member of PWGA
   With temporary handicap, participates in play days, and may receive sweep payouts
   May make Tuesday tee times in advance
   Receives special discounted rate for Tuesday play day
   Eligible for member club rate for Santa Clara County championship tournament

Associate Membership:

No qualifying score or minimum play is required.  Associates are not required to serve as starters and scorers nor attend general meetings.

Associate Membership offers the following benefits:

   May obtain USGA handicap
   Automatically a member of PWGA
   With an established handicap, may participate in PWGA events
   May play up to 5 times per year at the end of the field on Tuesdays,
   on a space available basis,
   (are not eligible for advanced tee times)
   Receives special discounted rate for Tuesday play days
   Eligible for club rate for Santa Clara County Championship Tournament.
   Has priority on waiting list if membership is full.
   Does not participate in play day sweeps or club tournaments

Need a Handicap?  Establishing a Handicap

If you do not have a USGA Handicap:
Keep and hand in five attested scorecards to the Handicap Chair. She will enter them into the computer and you will receive a temporary handicap.
For an established handicap, you will need 15 additional attested cards (including any away games played) for a total of 20 scores. The handicap chair will enter these scores and you will receive your official USGA handicap. 

Dues and Fees

All regular and associate members shall pay dues and fees, as follows:
1. lnitiation fee is $25. lf a member leaves the club, the initiation fee will be waived if she rejoins during the following year. Registration fee $10 (associates only).

2. Club dues are $ 68 per year, which includes $ 39 current NCGA dues, and $1 Hole in One Insurance.  New members after 7/1 will be pro-rated.
Past Captain - one year only - no club dues.

3. Dues are payable October 1 and are delinquent November 1st. 
The fine for delinquent dues is $5. Members who have not paid by November 15 will be dropped as of December 31 and must reapply.